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Going To Jb During Apec Weekend


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This will be my first time to JB with some workmates and i'm hoping for some input on locations. I've done a search but hasn't quite helped as in i don't know which locations produces what. At least i've got some maps and learnt about the marine parks.

I'll be doing landbased and boat fishing but i don't want to go to those famous rock ledges for kings marlin or tuna. I don't mind walking relatively flat ground, i just don't want to be climbing up cliffs as i want it to be relaxing.

My plans in short. Leaving for JB from Syd straight after work on Thursday. Fish day and night on Friday. Fish the Saturday and hopefully relax the night with some fish for dinner and beer. :beersmile: Come back to Sydney on Sunday morning. We'll be staying at a place near St Georges Basin :biggrin2:

Friday: from morning till early arvo, i'd love to fish for drummer. If the swells are too big then maybe salmon and tailor off the beach. At night, we'd like to fish from a beach but a beach that is close to a town. Just so its not as easy to get lost in the dark. I hope to get some locations where to fish?

Saturday: we're going to hire a boat. Should i hire a boat from Husky Hire-a-Boat and fish the bay? If i hire a boat from here, does anyone know how far out can we venture? I'd like to try for Kingys just inside the heads but i'm very sure we won't be able to in any circumstances. :unsure:


Hire a boat from a place in St Georges Basin/Sussex inlet? I don't mind fishing here if its going to produce the same results as hiring a boat from Husky and fishing in the Bay. I think i'll be content with bream and flatties, at least they're good eating. I'll be mainly lure fishing and i love give poppers a go on the shallows. Plus i don't know if others get seasick so i guess this would be sheltered from any big waves? :unsure:

Thanks :thumbup:

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G'day hottyscotty,

Where to start?,

there is so much to choose from in the bay.

If you are looking for Drummer, there are plenty

of rocky platforms between Huskison and Vincentia

worth bobbing a float off.

Have caught several Drummer but many more Blackfish,

they cruise in large schools and frequent the shallower reefs.

Burley UP!!

Benefit of trying that stretch is that there are also vast areas

of sand adjacent to many of these Rocky platforms , thus giving the

option to try several methods relatively easily and quickly if things get slow.

As for your boating adventure, the husky hire boats are great but small,

if you are in any sort of weather they may not be adequate to make it safely to the heads and back.

The only other option i am aware of is a large red vessel usually parked in front of the Shell

service Station in Vincentia with a big " FOR HIRE " sign posted on it.

In my opinion a much sounder option for a day outside, as for costs, ring the Servo, they may know.

There are also plenty of fish (Flathead, Bream, Whiting, etc)

in the St Georges Basin if your mob do get queezy,

a lot of places to hide from the wind,

but, not too much in the way of water depth.

I am going to try to get down there myself that weekend,

Might see you on the stones.

Good Luck


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thanx bigfoot

would you know if fishing for salmon, would it be better to fish the beaches in the bay or the beaches facing the ocean? ie wreck bay etc

There are fish, GOOD fish, in both Quantity and Quality

to be found at the outside Beaches, there is no Question.

Depending on the conditions i'm sure you'll find adequate

fish holding areas both inside and on the ocean side of the Bay.

The only real advice i can give you is BURLEY UP.

J.B. holds Good Fish that can be enticed closer by

a reasonable burleying.

Truth is, there are so many spots to choose from,

that you will be confused for choice.

If you get a chance, go to Husky and SEE and feed some of the local

Fish at the Museum ( Lady Debnam), there is a holding area there, FULL OF FISH,

The size of some of these specimens is incredible.

Just watching these fish and the way they would react to Different

things ( bread, pellets (for sale at Museum), of even bits of bark accidently kicked in)

I learnt an enourmous amount in the half hour i spent there with my Nephew.

But don't take any gear it will just break your heart

when you read how much the fine is for even trying :mad3: .

"Welcome back after the add"

J.B is a Marine Park.

Make sure you are fishing in the appropriate zones.

Now just a note.

In past times, stories have been told

of possesions dissapearing via broken windows

whilst parking at Wreck Bay, Don't get me wrong,

there are good and bad everywhere, i do not want

to Slander the name of the place or any one residing there,

BUT, I personally won't park there, that is unless i take my

hummer with it's manned, turreted M60 And have an Attack Helicopter for air support.

Good luck


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Is there a fee to get into the national park down on the southern side of JB? I haven't been that side of the bay in many years. I normally go in from Currarong.

Also, there are a few exclusion zones inside and outside of JB. You may just wanna check where you can fish/anchor legally.

There is a park entry/ Boat ramp usage fee.

There are vending machines near the ramp if you are too early for the gate keeper, BUT,

Pay your fee as there are rangers aplenty, especialy on long weekends.

Good Luck


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