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Yellowfin Are On See Photos

Ross Hunter

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Visit www.gamefishingcharters.com.au My WebpageGo into Fishing Reports for some great photos of yellowfin caught this week. To all Raiders fishing on Broadbill and Billfisher Please ring 95342378 to confirm your booking and to check weather for the day...The long term forecast looks good so I am most confident If you have a favourite tuna rod bring it If not we have plenty. We have trophys that will be presented at the Raider's Xmas Party.

Trophys are




We are looking forward to a great day

Ross and Glenn Hunter

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Good luck raiders and the 3 captains.

I'll be out there on another boat watching the games begin.

Good luck and regards The Human Winch. :1fishing1:

Its going to be like a longline fleet of Raiders :1yikes: See ya out there Winch :yahoo:

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