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World Record 325kg Tuna


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Guys, this was an article in Bluewater about 2 years ago when the Pacific bluefin tuna fishery was just kicking off in NZ's Hokitika Trench.

check out this passage:

As the hours passed, it became clearly obvious that this was a much bigger fish. It just took line with ease at any stage it wished. Often the reel would look almost full and we would stare into the dark looking for the swivel to pop into view from the dark depths. But NO! Twenty-three kilos of drag meant nothing to this fish. As the saying goes, it was easy come, easy go. The fish just did what it wanted and we often wondered if it even knew it was hooked.


One such run, five and a half hours into the fight, left us all speechless. Again the reel was almost full when the fish decided to go for a sprint yet again. This burst was like no other – straight down for probably more than 700 metres, at a speed I've never seen a spool turn before. We were sure the only thing that stopped it from spooling us was the fact that we were only in 700m of water – so it probably bounced off the bottom!

It was at this stage Paul, the ‘unlucky' angler, turned to us and said “Get me out of this harness. I've had a gut-full of this…”. He'd been totally worn out and demoralised by the fish. We unclipped him from his harness and he passed the tackle to another angler while he took a short break.


This particular morning may have been beautiful, but for us it was bittersweet. Paul was back on the rod after a 60 minute break. We had been on the fish for 8 hours; however, we certainly did not appear to be winning this battle. While we had not seen the fish at any stage, we knew it was a tuna, we knew it was big, and we knew we were being taken to the cleaners.

At about 10am, after 11 hours of battling, we finally saw our nemesis. Words can't even describe it: huge, enormous, gigantic, incredibly big. We finally got hold of the leader and all hell broke loose.


What happens next? You'll have to read the article. Suffice to say, the fish was over 14 ft long and 450kg.

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