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Watsons Bay Wharf 1/9


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Haha, finally got some fishing done after annoying uni assignments which make me hugely suicidal... decided to hit up watsons bay cos the conditions there are heaps good for night fishing...

chucked in some prawns, mullet, chicken gut, and pilchard.... Not a single bite, but my brother did manage to score a massive 1.1m eel with his pilchard... thought he was pulling in a nice bream or something before the eel revealed itself in the form of a self tied double uni knot...

first question - anyone know what i can do with eels?? is it edible? by humans? what about my cat? can i live bait it to catch a seahorse or something? or can i have it made into a belt?

i decided to chuck around a squid lure... the cheapo ones you get at+_+_)... within a few casts i landed a nice one!!! mantle length 20cm or so!!!cast around for the rest of the night got nothing... wind was blowing it all over the place...

second question - is it edible?? ive been hearing all kinds of stuff about dioxin and mercury and cianide and cancer... so yeah... is it? im not actually too sure if its a squidie... its got 2 long tentacles, a green tinge around the eyes... anyway, so should i stir fry it or just use it as bait?

anyway so ya, thats about it... spring is coming hope fishing will boom!!

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mate some people do eat eels, check out the fishing section for Petes tomato sauce eel.

Pretty sure its a squid you got there, maybe some of its tentacles were eaten already. You can cook it but i would freeze it and re use for bait. If you got a few of them cook it up for sure, but 1 wouldnt go far.



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