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Push Pole


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Hi Everyone,

I just thougth some of you may be interested in a little project that I have been working on.

I have been interested in fishing the flats for some time I have and use an electric bow mount but I have been trying to track down a push pole, you know the long poles that the Yanks use on the flats to push their boats around silently.

To purchase one locally is next to impossible and to import one the freight costs are huge so i contacted a gent in the US and asked him some questions and worked it out from there how to make one.

I have a 4.1 metre Quintrex so I required a pole about 4 metres long. I bought two 3.5 metre extendable painting poles the ones with the fibreglass lower section and the aluminium top section. I removed the twist lock in the middle and glued the aluminium top section inside the glass section for strength, I purchased the foot from the US and I could not but the sand spike end from there as it is an illegal import( dont ask me why) I made one from some 4o mm nylon and also some ends to which I could make a joiner so that I could take the pole in half for ease of transport.

Here are a couple of photos of my pole before the joiners were installed


Big-Pete :1fishing1:

Second Photo

you will notice the masking tape at intervals on the aluminium this then had arilidite put around it like you do a reel seat so that is fixed into the tube and still allows some flexability

Big-Pete :1fishing1:


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thanks for the reply I have made a rear deck on my boat and I have spoken to the bloke in the US and he seems to think that the system is ok. I dont think I would want to fit a platform above the motor as I am just not the most stable person, in most ways I am told.lol

Thanks again

Big-Pete :1fishing1:

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