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Lake Macquarie


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I am working up around lake mac fixing storm damage, can anyone tell me any good spots around coal point and toronto that i can flick some plastics in my lunch break, it seems like to good of an oppurtunity to waste,

Thanks in advance Mick

Hi Mick, you can flick plastics off the wharf at Toronto (near lifestyle marine) just got to keep the stinky pike away, and if you travel towards Coal point there are a few public wharfs that will put you within reach of lizards (they are slowly coming out now)

There is also a public wharf at kilaben Park (kilaben bay) that regularly puts locals onto some good lizards. Also Fennel Bay bridge is known for holding flatties.

All these areas have also been producing silver trevs lately the biggest I have seen going 3kg but sub1kgs are common.

Hope this helps mate.


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