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Jewies In Lake Conjola?


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Hey Raiders,

Heading down to Lake Conjola for the long weekend thanks to MR Bush and his public holiday.

Has anybody scored any Jewies down there in the last 5 years.....I think there are few deep holes west of 'The Steps'....anyone keen to share their secrets???

Thought I'd try and russel up a few Poddy's and give them a crack one night....or would you suggest 'plastics' might be the secret if they are around???? (first time targeting Jews so any tips would be greatly appreciated)

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I am boat based....typically the kids dictate most of my movements when down the coast, plus my cousin and I have charted a soft plastic specialist to help us with out technique down at Tuross for all day Saturday so I think my time on the water might be limited....perhaps some other time though...hence the night fish thought....

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