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Coming From Tas


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Hi all,

A couple of months ago I bought a Signature in Sydney and am finally coming to collect it this w'end. Will be around for about a fortnight.

Would really like to hear from anyone with tips, spots, secret locations, (pm me if you want) to get onto few bream kings reddies or tuna while we're there. Don't worry, I'm not gonna be around long enough to clean out your favourite spots. But you know how it is when you lob somewhere new, it can take a long while to get it sorted.

Or maybe just catch up with a few raiders on sydharb or botany bay.



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:1welcomeani: Yockman ,

If you are coming up this weekend , I would steer well clear of the Harbour. There are several " Moveable " exclusion zones , and I believe they will be vigorously enforced by Maritime and the water police. Botany Bay may be a better option.

Persoanlly , I will be hitting the Hawkesbury this weekend.


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