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Apec Public Holiday


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went out with my dad today

on the water at 6.15 headed out to a blowy morning

wind coming from s/e we headed straight for Doll's pt

couple of drift's all the way to Novatel for ZIP, nothing , not a touch , 2 and a half hours and AAAARGH

decided to try Watt's reef , choppy trip over and it's blowing more

tried a few drifts and headed back to Doll's pt, wind was still s/e so we put out a bucket for a sea anchor



then sunshine and the most beautiful rainbow

drifted some more and Dad gets a hit , loses it ,hits again , slack line , hits and strikes

Dad lands a nice Whiting that went 35 cm's

by the way , i have not had a touch yet and it's been 4 hours

perseverance , Dad say's , and i go yeah , okay

we get down past the baths and i get a little hit, reel in a bit , feel like i've lost it ,then strike

feels like a small flattie swimming with me ,reeling in quick it changes direction and gives me a little bit

get it boatside and it's not a bad fish, feeling cocky i grab the leader to bring it aboard


was only lightly hooked and away she goes,dad puts the net next to me and says nothing



end up about 100 mt's off shore past the Novatel and finally i get a good hook up

it's pulling line and i'm smiling , aussie salmon ?


nice flattie that went 55cm's

rain again and we headed for the ramp

taking Monday off for my birthday and going for a fish , wish me luck

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