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Etec 115


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Good Morning, the 115HP E-TEC will outperform most other clean technology 115HP and be on par with any of thenm in terms of fuel economy. It does offer you the cheapest engine to own and operate when service costs are factored in and I am sure the boat you are looking at has an XL transom which gets you the V6 gearbox that gives the engine even better performance and longitivety on heavy hulls.

PM me for the "Raider" price on a 115HP E-TEC because often you will find the engine price is a package deal is more than if you buy the engine separately.

You will not be disappointed in the 115HP E-TEC and in my opinion you do get a better 115HP at present and yes we do sell and service 4-Strokes and OPTI.



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Not sure on your budget but you should see if you can stretch the difference in $ between the 115 etec and and the 135 opti. The 115 would be the minimum HP for that model and with hull weight of around 1300-1400kg (From memory) the 115 etec would be working hard once you add fuel a few blokes etc.

The etecs are good on fuel but it is all relative to what hull they are on and how they are used. If you are using them at the higher rpm range for long periods they are going to chew the fuel. You will certainly save on service costs with the etec, but you may be using more petrol with the smaller displacement motor so it may all even out over 3 years.

I'm sure Craig can give you a price on both the 135 Mariner opti and the 115 etec, as well as the pros and cons of each model and make your decison from there.

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G'day Red,

A few weeks back I took a test drive in a new 560C which had been fitted with a 115 etec. Can't tell you about economy but I was more than satisfied with the level of noise and performance with 3 blokes in a 15 knot breeze and 3m swell at the heads. Unless your carrying big loads I can't imagine really needing anything much bigger. Just comes down to personal preference I think. Loved the whole package, just didn't like the driving position and a bit of spray which the side clears took care of, mostly! Just my two bobs worth..


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