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Rob's Crumbed Flathead


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I fillet my flatties , taking out all rib bones

beat a couple of eggs

get a large mixing bowl and add enough bread crumbs for your catch

add to taste

Thai seasoning mix ( i like a lot )

garlic salt

lime and chili

cayenne pepper

piri piri


dip fillets in egg and mix with seasoned bread crumbs,

shallow fry and enjoy

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made this today for lunch i used the lime juice and some of the rind i did not know if you meant chilli dried but i just used half a smaller chilli chopped finely and no seeds

i also added oregano leaves too

turned out great nice and crumbly and the fillets were easy to tear apart if you know what i mean

nice zing while you eat it mild enough for anyone to enjoy ill be using again

thanks :thumbup:

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