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Bass At Nepean


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hi raiders, caught my first fish on a lure in fresh water (bass) :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

went down to nepean about 9am went straight towards the dam , found a couple of dead tree's in the water so we thought this is a good as spot as any ( had no clue if it was good or not) fished for at least 2hrs not a strike, looked in my pops old tackle box and found a silver looking lure with red beads so i gave it a go,5mins bang - - i neally sh-t myself when it took off :1yikes: ,i was so stoked to catch a fish on a lure, don't get me wrong iv'e caught plenty of game fish on lures but never fished freshwater,as watto said to me it can be addictive ,your not wrong watto.it just felt so good to catch my first 2 bass and watch them swim away to be caught again later in life. took a pic of the first one and you wouldn't believe battery's flat in camera (not happy jan).all in all good first freshwater fishing experiance yee-ha. :yahoo::yahoo:



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nice work mate great fun getting them on light gear hey

this thing with the bass is getting to me now all these reports coming in about bass captures and im still empty handed great to see the reports but ill have to tell the :wife: look getting my first bass for the season comes first have a nice arvo ill be back later :biggrin2:

cheers mick

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Congrats Marty on catching your first bass and on a lure.

Next thing you know you'll have a tacklebox full of new bass lures.

Never fished for bass but with all of these reports I think I'll have to

give it a try.

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marty was this above or below the weir?????

fished below the weir on sun arvo for zip :05: couldnt see any activity on the surface at all.

The guy mullet fishing off the weir was pulling in mullet pretty much every cast

hi dangles, we went up towards the s bends about 2km from the boat ramp.

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