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Yellowfin Fever On The Weekend

Ross Hunter

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We predicted tuna in September and for once the crystal ball worked when on the weekend Billfisher and Broadbill caught a swag.

On Saturday Billfisher taught me a fishing lesson when they caught them all and I couldn’t get a bite and then on Sunday it was my turn when we caught some reasonable fish to around 23 kg. All our anglers were tuna virgins and had a ball even despite some unusually sloppy conditions and big swells.

Double hook ups were common and the fun was continuos, bearing in mind we only fished on the cubes for two hours on account of the time it takes to get there and then back home, but if you load up with a good catch, then it’s worth it I guess….Where are the “Glory Days” when we used to catch them at the Peak bring them back I say!

I know you want me to tell you exactly where we caught the fish, but for safety reasons I will not…Both Glenn or myself will never encourage small trailer boats to go to the "Badlands" if there were a disaster of any kind we don’t want that on our consciences.

The trip home took 4 hours but once inside the shelf the seas settled and it was a beautiful afternoon

We also caught 9 striped tuna … they are salted down for our snapper trips in Spring to the southern Grounds. There are still a few of those big bumpies to catch before the summer currents kick in.

For any raiders wishing to join a crew our costs are $240.00 per day(that's a discounted rate only for Raiders) for share charters and we only take 6 people Ring 95342378 to book do not email.

I will be putting up a full report with photos off Billfisher on www.gamefishingcharters.com.au follow this link To Fishing Reports. And lots of photos off Nemo of their tuna also visit 'Fishing Stories and Hints" for some good hints on Yellowfin fishing.

These tuna will stay with us now through to November and as the currents change will come in closer

Ross and Glenn Hunter (Proud to be a Raider)








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Excellent trip Ross, its news that we have all been waiting for :thumbup:

I think your words concerning the "Badlands" are also very wise at this point. As many Raiders know, we have been stuck inside for so long, that it possibly could be considered to stretch a trip to catch one of these freight trains!

When we read your posts, it is way too easy to forget that your office is out there - which you attend regularly, and most of us boaties are sporadical visitors. I think that i'll wait till they move in a little closer, and whilst waiting, read your posts and hopefully head out with you :biggrin2:



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