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Berowra Quickie


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Fished Berowra on Sunday morning wanting to discover some new areas and try some neglected tactics looking for Jews and Bream. As per usual mucked round fishing for bream to long and missed the turn of the tide. With only 2 sub legal bream to show for my efforts belted down stream and fished deep. Despite bait being present no jewies but I did hook a monster flattie. Played her to the boat carefully had one net attempt (no way was she going to fit) then was looking for the boga grip when the line parted. I blame the Bream again using light trace and flatties don't gel, but what I think was more interesting is I'm confident I had caught this same fish before. From memory I think it went 68cm about a year ago and looked to be >75cm this encounter. The reason for my theory is that is a specific spot, a mini point on a point in tight to the rocks more like a bream ambush point then flathead. Would have been good to get a closer look and a photo. Two small bream later another move and a change back to hard bodies, heavier trace and more powerful rod, produced a good hit and I was tight to an good average bream of 30cm or so I thought when I got a quick visual. The structure was pretty rough so I tried to rush the bream in. The bream had other ideas and did not allow me to dictate terms at all, and when I polled it in to the boat I could see why. It was 38cm to the fork and had your typical Hawkesbury Bream look, big shouldered and mean. Little else happened and was of the water by 10 and at the pub by 12 for a family do. Cheers Dave

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