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Help Find Steve Fossett Using Your Pc


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The search for missing adventurer, Steve Fossett has stepped up a notch with the

use of a Mechanical Turk loaded with new high resolution satellite pictures of Nevada

where he went missing, broken up into small frames.

This allows everyone who wants to help to review thousands of small sections of Nevada

about 275 feet square taken at an altitude of 1500 feet.

If you see any sign of the plane or wreckage, they ask you to flag it and it is reviewed

by experts to see if it merits further investigation.

You have to do a simple signup to send your flag to them and write a short note on what you see.

Here's a blurb on it in today's RealTechNews HERE

I've been playing with it most of today and have found five frames that had anomolies or white things

where they shouldn't be and sent them off.

Here is the site for the Steve Fossett Mechanical Turk FOSSETT

A worthy cause and technology being used in a unique way.

Who knows...if you are the one to find him, being a billionaire..he might sling you a quid if found alive.



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