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Light Spin Stick


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Hi guys,

Was looking at building up a light 6kg spin stick to be used on the rocks for sambos, tailor, bonito, etc. Rod will be matched up with a stradic 4000/5000 & lure weight will be between 20-50grams (or thereabouts).

The Pac Comp BWS275-6kg is the blank I had in mind for this purpose. Has anyone built one of these up? Rod needs to be light enough to throw around for a few hours without breaking my back but also need something that will launch a 40gm lure a good way out.

Any alternatives?

Appreciate any feedback.


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G'day Rockhoppin

Have you had a chance to play with the blank?

I have the BWS275-4. I haven't finished making it yet so haven't fished it, but. I had the chance play with the whole range in my local store. I purchased the blank for the same reason and casting weights as you. The BWS275-6 felt an over kill for what I wanted (Spinning with 14lb braid,20- 50g ) so I went for the BWS275-4. The BWS275-4 feels as though it call easily fish 6kg. I know a fellow who said he fishes 20lb on his.

But if your not sure and can't get to play with them before ordering, the BWS275-6 would be a safe bet.



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The BWS275-6 felt an over kill for what I wanted

Thanks mate

I heard the same thing about the BWS275-8 so I decided to drop down to the 6! :D

Didnt get the chance to sample the blank on the weekend gone so I'll be doing just that this weekend. From all reports though, I think I found what I need.


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Sounds like we need a "Rod Building" forum... :thumbup: I would be a keen contibutor. There are some fantastic international sites from which you can obtain all sorts of advice and knowledge.

What do you reckon?? Shall we approach Swordfisherman? :biggrin2:

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