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Broken Bay 23/9/07


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G'day raiders,

Hit the water yesterday at about 10.00 with some mates for his birthday. Action was very slow and though we we targeting flaties my friend hooked up with a massive yakka, 32cm ( thaought it was a rat at first! haha! :074: ) the tide was changing and we were about to move when i hooked on to a flattie with a berkley gulp silver mud. 35cm. first fish on a plastic. :yahoo:

5 minutes later my gulp packets were half empty as every body switched from bait. My mate was on to a tailor but spat the hooks at the boat. (that was the end of that gulp) My gulp got smashed but failecd to hook up and the gulp came back in half.

We drifted for a bit and another mate bout up a flouder again on the gulp. A whiting was also caught while drifting. Last fish was a flattie on bait 32cm

Cheers Mcfusher :1fishing1:

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