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Quintrex 450/485 Fishseeker


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i've been looking through Quintrex's website, in the options list, a live bait tank is available with a rear casting platform. i've looked through the printed brochure and it doesn't mention a live bait tank with the rear casting platform.

i've rang one of their dealers in blakehurst but he doesn't seem convincing to know what he's talking about.

does anyone know if it is an option to install a live bait tank or not?

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Hi Scotty, on the Stacer side of the fence we can option the boat up with a rear casting deck including a live bait tank-it is very easy. In all honestly the Stacer with the EVO hull and therefore the deeper deadrise will ride better than a Quintrex which at the stern, which is where deadrise is measured, is a shallow Vee.

Check out www.stacer.com.au and in particular the 469-489 Seahorse or for the ultimate the 469 TS Nomad Elite.

If you have any further questions please ask,



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