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Easy Yakkas


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I am after somewhere I can easily position my boat in to get yakas, its 30ft and not the most manouverable boat in the world and when im by myself its a bit of a pain to get in real close to balmoral wharf or clifton etc. How does the island at balmoral go after a bit of berley?

Thanks for any help!

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:Funny-Post: Caranx, sounds like a rather polite get square.

More tuna oil in the burley mix is not the best shampoo for swimmers that swim right out around your lines....and it's no Gucci or Calvin Kline body cologne on the Saturday night dance floor, that's for sure. :lol:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Ya would have to be a goose to lose an anchor at Balmoral island :1prop:

All approaches are sand until you get to about 5m of water over the weed beds where it turns into... The island :tease:

Have never met a man that caught a squid there :)


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