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Shark Fishing From Beaches


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Hi Wombat,

Still breeding season for those pesky Port Jacksons,

they are everywhere.

Try the corners of your favourite beach, where the reef meets the sand,

or where a reef is within casting range over the sand and i recon you will hook a few.

As in all fishing Very Early and a bit later tend to be most productive.

If all else fails you may find a cruiser, Banjo or even Shovelnose,

either way the Kids will be amazed I'm sure when they get to touch one for the first time.


I have found Oily baits ( Mullet, Pilchards, etc) seem to be best and a solid burleying is a good

way to get them on the chew quickly, BUT, be warned if those Portys get involved they tend to hang around.

Another thing i would like to mention is if you hook a stingray, don't be so afraid of the Barb that you chop off the tail or cut off the barbs, Just turn it upside down, apply firm presure to the area around the mouth,( they can't stick you in this Position and have a rasp type mouth, NO TEETH) pull your hooks and flip back in to release. I am not a greeny but after what happened to poor Mr Irwin i found several mutilated specimens on and around the shores of several of my favouite haunts.


These two Eagles were burley up.


and this 5 and a half foot gummy gave a great fight.

All fish were released.

Good luck


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Hi Wombat,

During summer we caught heaps at Long Reef beach whilst targeting jewies.

All released alive back to the deep except one tasty gummy.

Lots of whalers up to about 5-6 foot. A couple that were unstopable but a good buzz and test of gear.

Will catch more again this jewie season i am sure at Longie.


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