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Where Can You Buy ....


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I think you should be able to line some up

through one of our sponsors as I think they all

carry Yozuri squid lures

If they don't have it on the shelf they could order

it in with their stock orders and post to you

let your fingers do the walking

Fishfinder Tony 9661 7967

Watto 0416 203 507

Go Fish Pete 9651 4779


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Hi the YoZuri pink flourocarbon may be a good option, I was at a talk on soft plastics a couple of months ago put on by Berkely and a local tackle shop and questions about flourocarbon being invisible underwater were asked and we were told that while its pretty invisible it also acts like a fibre optic line and can reflect light under water, the Berkely rep said that they were bringing out a new flourocarbon line tinted with colour to get rid of that problem. Maybe Yo zuri has already sorted it out? The Micro fuse got a big rap said it was way above the rated breaking strain eg 4lb would break at about 15lb.

Cheers Charlie

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