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Interesting News On Audley Weir.


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Hi everyone.

Work on the Audley Fishway to begin

Work on the Audley Fishway is about to begin with a contract awarded to Civil Constructions

Pty Ltd.

“The Iemma Government is contributing half the funding for the $400,000 project, which

involves the construction of a rock-ramp fish ladder upstream from Audley Weir in Sydney’s

Royal National Park,” Minister Macdonald said.

“The ladder will be 45 metres long, four metres wide and constructed using sandstone

boulders and stone cobbles to reflect natural conditions. A series of pools will be created

every two metres to enable fish to move between the freshwater habitat upstream, and the

salty estuary below.

“The Audley Weir has acted as a physical barrier to the movement of fish along the Hacking

River for years, this fishway will restore the natural biodiversity of the river, by enabling fish

such as the Australian Bass to use the upper reaches of the river for part of their lifecycle.”

Minister Macdonald said the project would see the best available science used to improve

biodiversity and fish stocks in Australia’s oldest National Park.

“It will bring a real lift to the riverine biodiversity values of the park, and the local catchment

will be in better health as a result,” Minister Macdonald said.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), Department of Primary Industries, and the

Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority have also contributed funding to the


This includes $70,000 from the NPWS, which has also produced the environmental

assessment review.

“In addition to the environmental benefits, the Audley fishway will be a focus point for

innovative educational programs being prepared by the NPWS, who have recently relocated

their Visitor’s Centre to a site near the fishway,” Minister Macdonald said.

Work on the project will begin within the next few weeks.

Source: media release from Minister for Natural Resources.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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About time they did something for the port, it is probably if not the cleanest system in the sydney metro area due to its isolation by the national park and it not being overly built on. it will be interesting to see the results on the effects the new ladder will have within 12 months, if the Geroges and its bass and EP populationare anything to go by since the construction of the liverpool ladder and that is a toxic nightmare the georges i think it can only bode well for the future of the hacking but it has taken too long. but better now than never!



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Hi Etty. Thanks for the handy info that the Audley Fishway has already been completed.....I knew it was going to happen some time this year...It looked like work was about to commence from an email I got.


jewgaffer :1fishing1: r

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