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Sydney Harbour 28.09.07


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hey guys, got to the place at low tide, nothing until 3:30 wen it changed to incoming tide. Then i thought maybe there was nothing, so i just tapped the tip of my rod, then all of a sudden it moved down by itself, tap tap TAP and im ON!

It started off as a huge take, cuz it getting line out under the wharf, i was using 10lb fireline, 20lb mono trace, i had to actually 'pump and wind' this fish, because it alot of line under the wharf trying to snag me off the oysters, luckily i couldnt. After 6 or 7 runs, i really thought it was a small kingfish or surgeon fish, because i didnt feel any head shakes. When it surfaced i saw silver then i knew it was a trevally.

It was a big one, 39cm w0o0o0 my new PB for trevallies.

after that i used handline with prawns, got a yakka, tried live baiting it by hooking it through the nose but no take so i left at dusk.


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Nice trevally, they go hard got one of around 50cms many years ago fishing for yakkas on a luderick rod and it gave me hell. Hey you'd know if was a sawtail surgeon as i've hooke d my fair share and never seen the blighters rarely get them out cause you seem mainly to get them when you target blackies and they do make a meal of 6lb leaders quite quickly, i reckon they go harder than kings pound for pound!

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