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Nepean Bass


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hi all hit the nepean today about 3ish fished till dark landbased again started from the weir headed down stream to my normal hole two rises no hook ups started walking back haveing a flick here and there for nothn crossed the weir and started to work the other side to no avail nothing from about 30 minutes walking flicking the banks turned around and headed back to my first spot second cast and im on iv got bigger bass in my tank(pic 1)another rise but nothing else back to the weir i go talking to a cpl of blokes there targeting mullet (and getting a few stonkers to)i thought id have a flick fishing towards the bridge off the weir and it payed off 3 bass in as many casts better fish this time kicked up a bit of a stink but nothn major and that was it for the day all 4 bass caught on a buggi pop 35 didnt measure them as they were just average size for that area finally i got my first for the season gonna hit the same area tomorrow arvo to

cheers mick




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