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Jump Starter To Power Electric Motor


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Morning all raiders, might seem like a silly question but has anyone used a portable jump starter to power their electric motor? Only reason I ask is that I have just purchased a jarvis walker 44lb thrust electric for my canoe and as yet cant afford the appropriate deep cycle battery.I have a jump starter at my disposal and plan to test the motor using this battery, am I wasting my time or will the jump starter be up to the task? If it is suitable how long can I expect the battery to last bearing in mind it is only powering a canoe? Will repeated use of this battery render the jump pack useless? Thanks for any advice, cheers troutboy :1fishing1:

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I think you'll find your jump pack is optimised for short duration, high current use as in starting a motor. It will run your electric but won't have much to offer in terms of duration. The proper battery will be optimised more for longer period use.

You should be ok to use it for testing but take a paddle! And repeated use probably won't do it any good in the long run.



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