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Sydney Habour 30.sept.07 Salmon


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saw the weather today n decided to head off to spot x at the habour for a while with dazza

got to there burley bread and had absolutely no bites for 2-3 hours

after we tried burleying some pillies and using them as fillets and hooked up something strong but lost it

after a while we hooked up a flatty around 50 cm with a 4lb fireline but couldnt landed it properly >< since it was low tide and the wharf was really high

30 mins later dazza got excited about the fish n also tried the fillets, after 5 mins we suddenly heard his 10lb fireline reel went zZzZZ pulling like crazy and fought for more than 5mins thinking it was a kingy but then we saw this big fish ! it was a salmon! around 70cm we tried to land it but it kept going under the wharf and eventually broke the hook off :mad3:

wasnt quite the best day but we were happy that was fought our first salmon and it was a great fight

p.s. the wind was very strong :(

cheers. steven

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