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Anyone Available Wednesday For A Hawkesbury Jew Day Session?


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Wondering if anyone is available on Wednesday for a day session on the Hawkesbury jew ? .... Huett Marine are replacing my damaged Mercury prop with a new generic "Turning Point" 2 piece aluminium prop {I can't wait to get that prop with the pitch down to 12 as Huey recommended instead of my Mustang's original 13 pitch Mercury prop !!!}

Wednesday is the best chance by far due to the gusty winds coming in last night and today with the massive daytime barometer drop from 1016 to 1008 at around 4pm yesterday....... The drop meant it would either bring a shower or steady which it did and only blow up windy and then rise back up again as she turns to the warm north westerly direction.

Conditions, timing and day tides makes Wed look to be an excellent chance for school jew, the best I've seen for a long while and hence my post...

....Wednesday should be a much warmer and an excellent jew and bi-catch day after the many wrong days resulting in only soapy jew and not much of a bi-catch down deep.....

Thursday looks to be a shutdown day after a change drops the temperature down quite a bit, so Wednesday in my opinion looks like a good binge feed and frenzy day.

Anyone wanting to give the jew a go this Wednesday please PM or reply in post.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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I brought this post back up again. Both my boats will be out of action most of this week and I would also be very keen to fish Taren Point Bridge tomorrow night (Tuesday), as the wind should show a lot of east before she really warms up to hot on Wednesday - when I still want to day fish the Hawkes - and there is a change coming in for a much cooler day on Thursday ....... I had a call tonight from a friend who got very good jew results at Taren point on Friday and Sunday night with four schoolies around 6- 8 kilos and not a bad size at all......he had news of the land based boys getting near spooled then broken off by unstoppables on yakkas that may either be sharks or jew.

Does anyone anyone have room for me and my Georges mate Taren Point Julius one of the landbased guys ( 85lb jew record holder down there). We would fish late afternoon on Tuesday from the bottom of the tide up to about 2 hours down the top.

I can still go on to fish Hawkesbury am on Wednesday as per the original post.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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