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Help On Catching Carp


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Hi everyone,

I am keen on fishing for carp. I live in Kellyviile. I need help on locations where there are good number of carp to catch. Anywhere in my local area to Parrmatta would be ideal. What baits to use, best time to fish, burley etc I'm a novice to freshwater and carp fishing, so any help and tips would be appreciated.



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G'day Chopper,

The dam at the corner of Sanctuary Drive and Samantha Riley Drive in Kellyville is just down the hill from my place in Kellyville and there are plenty of carp in there.

Just berley them up with bread or similar from either the bank or the jetty, then use bread or sweetcorn for bait (or soft plastics work too... I've caught them quite easily in plastics like small sand worm styles). You can either fish under a float or fish unweighted.

The carp are up to about 4kg but when I play with them now I fish 2lb leader just to make it interesting.

Cheers, Slinky


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Hi Glenn and Slinky,

I'm a new member but have been "lurking"and reading these forums for months now. I've never deliberately fished for carp before but seeing that I don't get much time to get away to fish these days and live nearby in Acacia Gardens, I just might give this a bash soon, just so I don't go stir crazy!

Thanks for the tips!


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