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Lures From Lithgow


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I have been told there is a guy at Lithgow who sells lures from a shed at the back of his house. I think it is called Blueys? Does anyone know about this? Would you have address/phone number as I have been told I can order lures from him by mail order.



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Hi all, the only lure maker that I know of in the Lithgow area is Alex Hickson of Viking lures fame. Mostly lures for native fish although he does make some models suitable for trout. You can find his contact details in the advertisers section of most fishing magazines. hope this helps . cheers troutboy :1fishing1:

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i know who you mean, i went there this morning, hes got great deals, all i know is his shop is called Lithgow lures and tackle, hes at 65 Lett street, sorry i havent got a ph. or email of his. He sells reels, line, leader, fly gear, rods etc aswell. I think he has an ebay shop but i have only been to his store/shed. all his lures are for natives, mainly cod, trout and yellowbelly.

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