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Beach Surf Fishing?


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Hey wombat,

Depending how far your willing to travel, theres plenty of beaches worth trying for fishing. If your on the south side of Sydney, give Cronulla Beach(more toward Wanda Beach) a go, theres anything from Jewfish to Flathead to Bream to Whiting there. Bait - well beach worms work fantastic there, caught 3 decent breams there 2 weekends ago. Prawns and yabbies are worth a try.

There's also Maroubra Beach, where you'll get some good Salmon, as well as Coogee. If you're on the north side, you'll get some big jewies around Narabeen. Use Squid or live bait if you can.

Good luck,


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Sydney beaches as a rule are fairly shallow and tend to fish best on a rising tide. Find a decent gutter on most beaches and they will produce fish on a rising tide around dark. Whole pillies on a set of ganged 3/0 or 4/0 hooks should have you tackling salmon and tailor in no time.

Cheers Shane.

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Beach fishing sydney is surprisingly productive especially just before dark. It is THE BEST with kids as the trip is a winner even without the fish as the kids will have fun. I reckon we get fish 80% of the time off the beach (except for spring) and they are usually good size. I used to fish the rocks, but now I can get a "family" fishing session in off the beach most weeks - and my wife loves it.

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