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Port Hacking Sp Session


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Hi all just a report on Saturday, went out on the boat with the bro in-law his :wife: and my :wife: for a Soft plastic session out on the Port Hacking. Started off just near cardinal marker off Jibbon, I rigged up her rod and gave a quick guide on how to cast and retrieve with soft plastics. Quiet surprised on how fast she picked it up as she's never really fished before, yet alone casted a light SP. Anyways wasn't long till I hooked up on my first fish only to get busted off, I think from being a little too excited, it felt like a pretty decent flathead as it had some weight to it. Re-rigged and back out again, a few cast ZZZZZZZZ and BANG again this time it was no flathead as it was giving me a fewhead shakes. Re-rigged casted out again only to land a tailor, which was then followed by another and another and a few more after that. This explained the second bust off. We stayed in this area for a while gave the :wife: my rod to bring one in, she handle it well. The bro in-law also landed a couple :fisher: and everyone was having fun on the light gear. I also landed a travelly in this location. We then headed off to Boat Harbour in search of some flathead and whiting. Didn't do much fishing but anchored up and went for a quick swim and a feed, then headed back into Port Hacking to fish the sand banks. Beached the boat on a nice little sandflat and we all spread out fishing every possible gutter. Wasn't long before the bro in-law hooked up on a decent flatty but lost it right next to his feet. I could see the disappointment on his face but he learnt the hard way not to lift the fish's head out of the water until your ready to land it. Wasn't long after that when my drag went screaming, after a little fight I landed a nice 46cm flatty. Changed location but only fished hear for a short time and decided that the girls had enough and also by this stage the wind :badair: had already picked up so we headed back in.

All in all a great day on the water :1fishing1: and the :wife: had a great time and I will have to bring her more offten and soon she will be out fishing me, also she won't be complaining as much when I buy new tackle :1clap:

Sorry no pictures to lazy to pull out the camera, will definitely bring it out next time

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