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Boat Windshield


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Hi Raiders,

I recently purchased my first boat (soon to be named the "SS Drought Breaker", with any luck once it's finished). The boat is in fact a small 3.9m DeHaviland Mustang, I think circa 1984 with forward controls. The problem I currently have is trying to work out what to do with the windshield?

It was in average condition but it has suffered a couple of stress fractures & a triangular chip about 3 inches. My questions are:

1, Can I mend it / should I bother?

2, Where can I buy a molded one piece of perspex or does anyone know a place that does replacement boat windscreens?

3, is Perspex hard to mold ?

4, Should I S-can the whole lot & start again making the windscreen in 3 parts (sides & front) which means making the extruded alum frame & modifying the bimini to fit?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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