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Stingray Shocks?


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Hi all, about 3 weeks ago i caught a stingray on the Hawkesbury River, it was about 60cm wide and about 80 cm long. it was brown and had no tail/ barb. i was pulling the hook out and it shocked me, i didn't even make skin contact with it but was connected by the hook and my friend who pinned it down with a wet stick. my guess is static electricity, i never even knew that stingrays shocked people, does anyone have anymore info.

p.s it wasn't a tiny shock and it went all the way up my arm and felt it through my chest and i couldn't move my arm when i was being shocked.

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I caught one on a pink Squidgy fish while targetting flathead in Maianbar. Those were the early days - did not know what it was. Did'nt want to touch the thing so I was using my stainless steel multi-tool pliers to remove the jighead. Felt numbing jolts running up my arm each time I grabbed the jighead with the pliers. Took me a little while to work out I was getting numbed by the ray!! :wacko: Maybe my brain got numbed on the first jolt .....

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The good ol' Numb fish - my first experience was when I was about 13 and fishing up around Ettalong with my Pop. Pulled this thing up on to the wharf and proceded to try and remove my hook then BAM - but being the inquisitive kid went back for a second shot BAM again - this time I went straight for the knife and released him the easy way.

you live and you learn.


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