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Weedy Botany Bay!


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Launched at Cooks River Ramp 12noon Sunday. Nice upgrade to existing wharf!

We drifted plastics & bait in the vicinity of Brighton beach. Weed heavily covered our baits, hooks & sinkers. Another drift at Kurnell Groynes with the same result & no fish :mad3:. Hmm, I wonder if the bananas on the boat has something to do with this!!

We tried Watts Reef on anchor for some trevally & leatherjackets but only managed a few yellowtail. The water at the Reef was quite dark and the current was reasonably fast. We moved and tried for trevally elsewhere but only managed one at 30cm at one of the markers.

We eventually settled down at the Hot Water Outlet & floated pilchard pieces for 3 tailor to 45cm and couple of large yellowtail. Also hooked 1 Port Jackson Shark & 2 Fiddler Rays which were all released. You sort of know it's a shark but always have a slight hope of it being something else, he,he,he.

Even here the weed was still a problem. Baits under float & free floating were checked often & cleared for a chance to catch a feed. Does anyone know why all this weed in Botany Bay? I fished Hot Water Outlet few times before without any weed problem.

We were on the water for 7 hours. The water was very calm & very little wind. 3 Tailor, 1 trevally was the final count. Not a great catch but nevertheless still good fun. Hope to include some photos in the next post.

Does anyone manage to fish between these weeds? What techniques are used with plastics & bait?


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I think that fine brown weed comes on strong every spring.

You will find spots out of it. Generally the flats away from the channel or in bays that dont have a real strong run through them.

Not sure what brings the weed on, some years are worse than others. There was a time a few years back where we set crab pots and the weed was that strong it ended up ripping the nets.


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