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Excellent Charter Out Of Tweed

andy mitchell

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post-5418-1192103200_thumb.jpgG'day All

Yesterday myself and some mates headed out from tweed on a charter. I won't say the name but PM me if you want to know. We left at 6am and headed to the livie grounds. We jigged up a heap of yackas and then moved to a spot wide off cabarita beach to target Kingies. we fished in turns with 3 livies down at a time. First drift and i was on deck and hooked up after 5 mins . My arms were well and truly stretched by the time I landed a nice Kingie approx 8kg. We ended up with 11 nice big kingies and amberjack.

We then moved to the bottom bashing grounds and a steady stream of Parrot, squire, pearlies, pigfish, mowies and a few flatties were boated. Nothing huge but some great table fish.

All fish destined for the table were promptly bled gilled gutted and placed in a slurry by John and Troy ( crew).

We returned to tweed at 2 pm and the day was topped of with a close encounter with two humpbacks just outside the bar.

I will post some pics as soon as I receive them. But i thoroughly recomend this charter to any travelling raiders who are up this way.




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