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Another After Work Harbour Session


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After struggling through another typical monday at work skunga and i decided to head on out after work again and continue "The afternoon kingy stakes" (as its now called).

Heading out to our fav posy we noticed some ominous dark clouds looming out to the south but with the rest of the sky looking not to bad we continued on.

100M from the marker stevie yells out .. "Look at that" that being a massive flock of birds working the surface right near the marker .. we look at each other and just know we are in for some fun. By now we are seeing surface breachs from kingies left right and centre ... it was heaven :1fishing1:

First flick for me and i send out a small flickbait on a worm hook rig, on the light rod .. second cast and im reeling in slack line .. didnt feel a thing, im guessing a tailor took a liking to my gold swivel, ah well, big rod is pre rigged with a 9" starlo and bushy flickbait (also on a worm hook rig) i throw it out, let her sink to the bottom, give it the now customary to reefs .. and im on .. yeehah .. 2 mins later in comes a nice lil 55cm king .. my first for the season (however i still trail stevie 2-1) :biggrin2: back she goes and i send the rig out again .. but just as before with the light rod .. after a couple of casts im reeling in slack line (im hoping it was tailor chewing the swivels, otherwise i need to revise my hook tying or invest in new line).

Anyway a quick re-rig with a big jighead and another 9" flickbait threaded on and i drop it back down to the bottom .. two reefs and yep u gueesed it .. im on again ... this one seemed a bit smaller as i was pulling it in ... till it really went ... then PING says the 50lb braid and down goes me head ... as i realise ive got no more of those plastics left :ranting2:

Anyway .. tried a few other SPs with no luck for me .. although i did see a sambo or tailor hit one of mine right next to the boat, but no hook up.

Steevie on the other hand did hook up, to a monster sambo which went about 50cm id say and put up an awesome fight on his light rod.

Schools continued to bust up around as the light was fading but we'd both had enough so it was time to head home

Just noticed steevie beat me to the post again .. ah well .. just gives you all more to read at work hehe

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