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Shimano Stradic 2500fh Vs Daiwa Capricorn 2000


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Hi all,

I'm keen to get a small spinning reel in the 6lb - 8lb line class for some land-based lure fishing and have been doing some searching on the internet.

With the great exchange rate between the Aussie and US dollars at the moment it seems like a pretty good deal to buy from the states (certain amount of risk I know).

Because I don't have too much to spend on fishing gear at the moment (want to spend up to $150 on a reel) I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with these 2 reels or has compared them at some stage.

I've read the comparo from the states at http://www.tackletour.com/reviewshootoutcapstrad.html which gave the nod to the Daiwa but have heard pretty good things about the Stradics as well.

I'm not after the latest and greatest (as I don't get to fish that often) just something of decent quality that will last with some looking after.

So whadyareckon, the Shimano or Daiwa???

Thanks in advance


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the stradic mg in america is pretty smooth and its got a mg body

and the drag rates i think 5kg or around those figures id go the 1000 size


very very very smooth cant beat it for solidness and smoothness and there drag is classic

probably the best drag u can buy for the money

the guys will lead you in the right direction

and guys dont have the fight SHIMANO VS DAIWA

its a personal choice at the end

i'd choose either one they both up line up in the ranges

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If you are going to get a Stradic, make absolutely sure you get the new model - FI. Don't confuse this with the Mg which looks similar. The most notable aesthetic feature of an FI is the 45 degree spool lip. This is the mark of the new design which eliminates wind knots and tangles.. :thumbup:

Remember FI FI FI FI !!! :biggrin2:

The pain of the tangles model isn't worth it for the twenty bucks saving. :thumbdown:

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