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Bass On The Chew !


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Hit the Nepean at Penrith with Outdoordan this morning.

Dan arrived spot on at 4 am at my joint with his bloody stereo blasting out of the cabin and woke all the neighbours :ranting2: Donna will smash him with a frying pan next time she sees him :074: .

We headed off down the M7 with my techno now pumping out of the speakers and enjoying the early trip without traffic.

We arrived at Tench Ave around 4.45am and waited for the security guard to let us into the park.

The weather was a little on the coolish side as we commenced our casting beyond the narrows and Dan and I commented that we should both HARDEN THE F**K UP :1yikes: .

We met quinfish and watto on the water as well,didnt see them after we headed off on the leccy.

The morning started a little slow without so much as a hit for the first prime hour of fishing :thumbdown: but as the day warmed so too did our bronze adversaries.

Dan scored first with a very nice 36 cm job and that was to be one of many fish we landed today including a very nice 39 cm model by Dan :yahoo: .

As we moved further into the gorge we met up with a long time friend Donfish1 who had done well for himself also further up towards Warragamba.

We ended the day with over 40 fish from a few tiddlers to many fish over 35 cms.

All fish were again taken on gold tt spin jigs with pumkinseed 2 inch grubs.

A lot of the fish were in groups and we would score 3 or 4 in a snag then go a few hundred mts without a hit.

Great day on the water and thanks Dan for the great day out and the friendly rivalry and banter we enjoyed on the water.

Here are some pics from our top day out :biggrin2:






















Cheers Swordfisherman

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Hi stewy

Good to see you on the water today no fish to report Watto had to report for duty at the shop

but it was good to be on the boat again

cheers robert :1fishing1::1fishing1::thumbup::thumbup:

Shame you couldnt have stayed longer as you would have got a great drift down the Gorge.

Cheers Stewy

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Cheers for another top day,

Its great to open this seasons account with so many great fish, Hopefully this is a taste of whats to come.

Bring on Glenbawn!!! :thumbup::yahoo:

Anyone who hasn't experienced what bass luring has to offer ought to grab some TT's or betts spins, a selection of grubs and a good mate and head up the Nepean.

Thats What Im Talkin About. :thumbup:

Once again Thanks Stewy, Your a true gentleman(Harden the F*#K Up!!! :074: )


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Cripes hunting down Bass in numbers like that is a pure art in itself :1yikes::thumbup:

I don't think Robert was fishing in stealth with our left over Hawkesbury squid under the bridge.

We better show them all what a bit of dynamite fishing will do to the Bass when we go out fishing next time ay, Robert :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Well done Stewy and Dan on another 'Bass Attack!!' :074:

The betts spin again doing the damage, the great thing about Bassin is the pure anticipation of dragging a lure past a nasty snag. Some days you just know it is going to get nailed :thumbup:

I am heading out tommorrow morning for another fly session can't wait!!!! :yahoo:



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