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Snapped The Last Runner Off My Fly Rod


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You could have a go at replacing a tip at home but

it is probably quicker and cheaper to get a rod builder to put another tip on while you wait

you probably have lost a little action off i but 2 inch should be okay

try and get the tip fixed and see how it casts before you get a replacement section

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Its easily fixed at home. You just need to carefully measure the end of the rod and go to your local tackle shop and buy a replacment rod tip to fit. Araldite it on and you're done. You may even be able fit the old tip on. Heat to the tip will loosen it from the blank. A lighter will usually do the trick.


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Hi Philip the Fisher.

If you run out of options there are nibble tips available in Melbourne $10 courier to your door. Send me a pm if your stuck.

I had two good rods broken recently, one two inches down the tip and the other a car door job eight inches down the tip. There are three sizes, one super fine for bait fish, one medium and one heavy but light in terms of a 15lb rod.

I cut my rods carefully with a hacksaw to suit the outside diameter of the nibble tip and pushed the solid nibble tip about 2 1/2" into the blank.It's a solid fit and the guides lined up very well.

The nibble tip rods are automatic hook up on any shiver or shake and truthfully as good as my Fenwick convertible fly spin rod and my yankee Quarrow rod the same type of rod as the Fenwick.

The tips won't break no matter how far you bend them with the spine. The nibble tip the will make your fly rod a little bit longer and give you the best flicking ability and hook up rate and for a surprisingly low price you will have a complete nibble tip rod with one spare nibble tip left over and the third one on your broken fly rod. :thumbup: The baitfish size nibble tip , the red one will perform like a ripper on a fly rod as will the yellow medium one and the green heavy nibble tip will up the ante whenever you need to.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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