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First Time Boatie Advice!


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Hi everyone,

Me and my mates are going to hire a boat from barrenjoey and it'll be our first time out on the water, I was wondering if anyone has some advice for us?

we probably wont have a sounder and have never fished the area and will just use prawns and pilchards for bait. not after anyone's 'spot x' just wondering how to find a decent area to fish without any advanced equipment!!!



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:1welcomeani: Gooday Will,look at Jewgaffer's post in the Hawkesbury Tips thread-he's always on the money.There are a few spots in Pittwater in the flathead section in the Articles link above,which would be a good starting point.As always,try and be as quiet as possible especially in shallow water.Enjoy!



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Will, contact Darren @ Trailer Boat Hire and he will deliver a 4.2 quinnie to you or you can pick it up with a sounder.

You must have a boat license to drive these boats as they are quite powerfull and go well over the 10 knots .

Cheers Stewy

Will...Darren's boats also have a Scotty downrigger on them so you can chase some kings

around Pittwater too.

I've hired Darren's boats 4 times now and can vouch for the quality of his boats and the service (plus the generous Fishraider member discount).



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