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Convoy For Kids.


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Just got home from the convoy for kids and i must say what a great day had

by our family, ran into mr & mrs rzep and mr & mrs watto there, it was good to

finally catch up paul, so i think a fishing tip with you and watto is on the cards.

The kids loved the way we followed the convoy and how they all blasted there horns

as we drove by. There were some great rides for the kids and some great bands playing.

Thanks to mr & mrs rzep and all the other organizers for a great day out and hope they

have raised stacks of cash for Westmead hospital and Care flight.


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Peita and I have only just got home now.

Marty it was great to finally meet you and yes a fishing trip will be planned in the near future.

With what we have raised today (still counting money) we have raised over 1 million dollars for this great charity. :1yikes:

I would like to thank the Fishraiders who showed up and supported this great cause. Thank you to Mr & Mrs Watto who also donated a rod/reel combo for the auction.

I have some great pictures of the trucks as they made their way down the M4 and I will post them up once I relax a little.

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