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Apple Tree Bay


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g'day all, went down to apple tree bay couple of days ago for a fish

with a mate. as we were down there an old bloke came over and told

us of a top little spot land based which was quite popular but productive.

so we went down the track and started fishing there. we were there

for a few hours until about midday, we got a few jacket, a few whiting and

a couple of nice flounder. all legal, all returned. at midday though a large

goanna came down looking for our bait so we thought we'd head back to

the park and have some lunch restock on gear and drinks and head back out.

so when we got back out there the bloke who went out on the boat told us to

use pillies so he threw the leftover bait he had from he's session and we used it.

later in the arvo though with half a pillie out my little baitcaster went off. i was

hoping for a nice little bream or even a small soapie jew if it was around on the rod.

but this fish was big had a first run which took about 40 metres of line then two more

which took about 10 metres each again. fought him for about 10 minutes the fish

then bit me off just above the hook.which makes me think it was a shark as

opposed to a big jew. unfortunate but thats fishing.

all in all a great day on the water few nice fish and alot of fun on something big.

regards mark

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