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Palm Beach~ Help!


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im planning to hire a small boat so that i can catch some snapper/ squid/ hopefully king with my 2 friends.

can you please let me know the best place to hire a small boat near sydney like palm beach wharf.

also i would be much appreciated if you can tell me the good spots as a small boat wont have any GPS system. oh finally, let me know the hire company's phone number.

Thanks a lot~~~


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G'day Sydfisherman and :1welcomeani: to the site.

One of this site's sponsors is Trailerboathire.com.au

They have 4.2 metre Quintrex dory boats with both a downrigger

and sounder with a 30 hp Suzuki on the back.

You can tow them to whereever you want yourself, so you are not restricted

to one particular waterway.

As a Raider member..you also get a discount on the hire.

They are great boats to fish from and I can personally

attest to their quality.

Click on the banner ad at the top of the page to contact them.

By the way..you will need a valid boat licence to hire them as they do over 10 knots..and then some.

Have a look at a review I did on them a while back Here

Hope this helps.



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