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Coalcliff/stanwell Area


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Hey guys, I'm heading out tomorrow morning to fish the rocks around CoalCliff, and might go for a beach fish as well at Garrie beach.

I haven't been land based around that area for about 1 year now.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer me some information about how its fishing at the moment and what types of rigs and bait to use?

I was thinking of using;

-A big float of the rocks, with a ganged pilchard or using a snapper snatcher with the same bait.

-And off the beach just a normal running sinker rig using a big star/pyramid sinker.

I am guessing that the Sambo's and maybe Tailor are around, but is there anything else to be caught?

I should also note that i will only be using tackle shop Pilles and Prawns, and don't have access to fresh bait unless i can catch some on the spot (unlikely)

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Hi Domza it could well be excellent fishing especially around Stanwell Park, Garie and Coalcliff now that the warm currents have hit remembering last year's currents didn't hit until well after Christmas.The salmon schools would have made their annual pilgrimage from the estuary areas and gone off around the coastal beaches over the last few weeks I would say. The angle of the coastline in that area has generally always fared well when the regular northerly currents arrive and it certainly attracts a lot of fish and never gets overfished down there.

I feel pilchards is an excellent bait but it would pay to spend a little time and use bait mate to secure it well. Also the Maltese fishermen that fish the south coast regularly have been casting out a paternosta rig on a drop shot sinker using a surf popper above a whole pilchard and someone told me that the surf popper working near the bottom in the swell has been getting most of the hookups and I got half a dozen of those surf poppers myself but haven't fished them as yet. Cungee would be an alternative bait and whole prawns would be better off fished at night. Hope you can get a few tailor as well, so that you can have one sitter rod out in a deep gutter and that might be just the shot to get you onto a decent fish as well.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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also seen asians down coal cliff

using ganged pillies with a burley cage under the float

thanks for info but i seriously don't see the need to mention a particular race when writing a fishing report. i don't think it's very australian to classify fishos as asian, white, aboriginal, lebanese etc. we are all the same human beings after all



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mate you can get bait from liverpool plaza, there a shop called st george seafood or something like that, it fresh and cheap,

alway to coalcliff, i went there a few months back now, caught notting swell was not to bad, my lure got smashed and have bite marks all over it so i think the sambos or trailor are there, tryed the beach there too, caught notting but big weedfish,

also i casted into the rock pool there and had all flash around the lure, like a big herring flash or trailer,

anyyway good luck and let us know what you catch

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