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Browns Today


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Hi all. Hit the ramp at 5.30 and the day didnt look to good. Hit the heads and headed north east towards 12 mile. Plenty of bait showing up on the sounder and decided to drop lures, in water temp 19.7. round and round for zero, continued towards north of browns then the plan was to come down to browns. Did that for all zeros. Water temp at browns was 20.7. Stopped for a cube and very quiet. Conditions were great wind from the SE at about 5 knots and .5 meter swell. 5 other boats at browns 4 cubing the other one trolling, after 2 hours decided to troll back down the trail and troll back to the shelf had to start work at six. About 3 mile short of the shelf we see some bait jumping out of the water and the rod with the x rap goes zzz and stops, it went again and stopped as we went to go around the rod went off in a big way. 15 to 20 minutes later thinking it was a fin or alby we see colour and cannot beleive our eyes, we hooked up on a 80kg mako. He saw us and took off. 20 minutes later we get him to the boat again and as he turned the double let go and away he went with the x rap. :074::074: Still 17 mile out and time getting late we come back in 25 knots in perfect coditons.

Well that fishing.

Cheers Bentstik

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Nice work on the mako, No regrets was out today and was probably the boat trolling at browns. The got onto one yellowfin but thats it, aparently all the bait that was hanging north of browns has moved on!!!! damn now its time for some hard work to get the fish again instead of throwing out any old lure and waiting!!!!!

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Badluck on not finding any tuna,but that's fishin they are there one day & gone the next it happens to us all.

That mako would have been nice,bet it gave you some fun out there as they go pretty hard at that size.

But like you said at least you got out there & it was a good day for it too!

cheers mate;


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