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Home Made Rod Stand


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Hi All just thought id show others what i have down to stop the stress of finding good area for placement of rods after fishing trip for washing down and also storage afterwards. The stands are home made of course, the one outside behind the boat holds 12 rods for washing down and spray before stored, i also have made another 2 sets which hold 14 game rods and reels from 30s to 80s then another one that holds 22 smaller outfits, made from gal 50x 50 square light and 50 x 50 angle 3mm with 50mm Electrical conduit and tech screws, all stands are 2m long and solid but light cost around $200 complete for all three with some mig wire and 1/2 a case of Pure Blonde to complete, oh yeh and a ever willing deckie to help get beers while welding. Cheers Dave

post-1870-1195208510_thumb.jpg post-1870-1195208530_thumb.jpg

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That's a very handy rod holder unit Dave just the thing for lightly spraying down those reels of yours, only light mist though just enough to clean off the salt and marlin gut.

Ross I reckon they would look lovely in Cinnamon with deep Lilac rails and Irridescent Lime Green tech screws :D

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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