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Mooloolaba Reef Picks


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They're a QLD invention mate those Mooloolaba picks, can be used as a sand or a reef anchor specially designed for reefs with a lot of chain required. They are designed to hold solid and can be driven off if they get stuck, but you must tie down the shank and ensure that the ties will breakaway.

You could make enquiries with marinas etc up north, best starting with a call to Bundaberg, I'd say.

Interested to see how you go, the name was common for reef anchors up there.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi Nigel Come to think of it they were made in stainless steel and were reasonably priced then as well. I'm pretty sure they were manufactured in a factory in the Bundaberg Noosa area. What I noticed was that it employed a good eight metres of chain on the 18 foot boat I was on.

Sincerely hope you can find the exact profile and make one a bit better than birdshit as you put it. Still the factory may well be still making Mooloolaba picks and maybe they'll send you a brochure or a drawing with specs ay.

Then you can make up one for me and you won't be unemployed for long but the way I'm allowed to spend on my boats, it won't be much more than a few stubbies of icey cold water and a couple of rolly owns. :D

Gee mate I hope you do well. I'd luv to have a Mooloolooba pick and a ten pounder would be plenty

Regards Nigel :byebye:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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