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Connecting A Matrix37 To A Garmin 12 Gps


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Huett marine a sponsor on this site can get them. BLA are the Aussie agent and they use them as a suplier for accessories.

BLA.com.au is the website and anything on there is avaliable just call or email Huett to order it for you and I think they were doing special fishraider prices.

The prices on individual cables was expensive in my mind becuase I was able to pick up a run out special on a GR6 (I think) humminbird external GPS receiver elsewhere that plugged straight in. The newer one is a GR12 I think but the seems just a good for my use. They only lock severalsats at a time not all.

You can get cable ends from the electronics store and make them up as a cheap test if you wanted but I wouldn't use it long term like that as half the convenience of the 37 s the quick release base.

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