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Browns Today


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G'day raiders,

Just a quick report. Headed out to browns this morning despite the wind blowing a 15 knot NE. Trawled from the shelf to browns for zip and decided to cube. Our drift was 2km/h on average so not too bad. We started off NE of browns and found a school just south of browns. Pulled hooks on a large fin but landed a 35kg. Birds became very anoying taking 3 or so owner hooks :thumbdown: not happy so we left. Cant complain it was good to be out. Sorry no pics camera shit itself.

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Yft just south of Browns.

Just what I needed to hear right now, great (not) :( did u hear that Crazy John :074:

Well done on your specimen achilies :thumbup:


There is a temp break from 19.5 to 16.3 deg about 11 ks SSE of browns TUNA territory and would you believe North of browns 9ks there is a temp break from 19.5 to 24.7 deg BEAKIE territory, will be out tommorrow chasing both with different spreads, changing at browns and head home in NE wind. Heres Hoping, Looks good Boys , Get out there. Cheers Dave

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