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Prawn Prices Rise For Festive Season ... Again


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Prawn prices rise for festive season ... again

PRAWN prices are set to rise in a blow to families looking forward to enjoying a traditional Australian Christmas seafood feast.

Importers said almost half the prawn catch would be locked out of Australia in a crackdown by Biosecurity Australia and enforced by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

The restrictions on imported prawns is to protect local stocks being contaminated by pathogens.

Importers said consumers were being given "the raw prawn" by the move that also put jobs at risk.

AQIS is managing new requirements to restrict prawn imports based on the risk of transfering diseases to local stocks.

The Seafood Importers Association said Australia imported about 29,000 tonnes of prawns from Thailand, China, Vietnam, India and Malaysia.

The Australian catch was about 22,000 tonnes and farmed stock 3500 tonnes.

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